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In a 24-hour society, where folks tend to burn the candle at both ends, restorative sleep has become more whimsy than reality. No matter how common, consequences of continued sleep deprivation can be dire - fatigue, impaired thinking, drowsy driving or even high blood pressure, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.  Today, with millions of Americans suffering from some form of sleep disorder, Dr. Ostransky and his expert team of providers command a captive audience among the sleepless in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Convinced America trends toward a growing epidemic in both sleep disorders and lung diseases, Dr. Ostransky became the first board-certified sleep physician in Tarrant County and founded North Texas Lung and Sleep Clinic to offer hopeful solutions for patients.  NTLSC treats those with pulmonary and sleep disorders at our Fort Worth and Southlake offices. 

Dr. Ostransky and staff accept no limitations when staring down the challenge of a difficult diagnosis.  In fact, difficult cases are what set NTLSC apart.  With physicians board-certified in internal, pulmonary and sleep medicine, a careful attention to detail and reputation for exhaustive evaluation earn Drs. Ostransky and Perkins recognition as experts in both pulmonary and sleep disorders.  NTLSC is also involved in research for the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and sleep apnea. 

Our mission statement, “Breathe Well. Sleep Well. Live Well.”, came full circle in 2010 as Dr. Ostransky completed a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine.  His desire is to incorporate complementary medical treatments for those patients requesting alternatives for disease management.

Dr. Ostransky has long known the secret to a healthier, more productive life. “The key to wellness and success,” he says, “is simply easy breathing and a good night’s sleep.”  North Texas Lung and Sleep Clinic can help you achieve just that.

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